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Level Up Your Life

Apr 6, 2020

Welcome to the Level Up Your Life podcast hosted by the awe-inspiring, motivating, and passionate Mark Black. As a double transplant survivor Mark has a very exclusive and different take on life. Mark is what all motivational speakers aspire to. He is kind, spirited, and animated with a pure and honest heart. When you listen to Mark speak you can’t help but become excited. Mark cares about helping you get to the next level in all areas of life, work, home, mental, physical and emotional. 

In this episode, Mark discusses how to use the downtime that we have been given to prioritize the things that really matter so that we can come out of this hard time better than how we went into it.

  1. Time:
  • You are always saying “there aren’t enough hours in the day”. We all struggle to find time to do everything we want to get done. For most of us, we now have time we never had before. How can you use this time well?
  1. Relationships:
  • If you are stuck in the house with the people you care about most, you can drive each other crazy, or you can use the time to nurture relationships that you may have been neglecting. When else in your life will you have this much time to truly connect in meaningful ways with the most important people in your life?
  1. Goal-Time:
  • What if you spent the next several weeks (or months) focussed on accomplishing one specific goal. We can accomplish much more in bursts of focussed time, than we ever could using an hour here and there. What goal could you work on in the next few weeks that would make you a better person after this is over?
  1. Priorities
  • It is very rare that we have an opportunity to take a step-back and evaluate what matters most to us and whether we are living our lives according to our values, but this is just such a time. Take some time our to think about what really matters most to you and whether or not you are happy with where your life is going.

  1. Health
  • If you aren’t doing it already, now is THE TIME to prioritize your health. If you never have time to exercise, now you do. If you struggle to get enough sleep, use this time to catch up. If you typically depend on the drive thru and take out, start cooking REAL food. This is great time to make time for your health.



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